Skype Broadcast Message Tool – Replacement of Babel Fish

SkyMass is a message broadcast tool that sends message to your Skype contact list. Since after the Babel Fish stopped working and specially after the launch of Skype ver8, we’ve been strugling to find a tool. When we were not able to find one, we built one for ourself.


  • Pause or Resume broadcast
  • JSON Formatted config file will store your Skype credentials, message and other settings
  • Test before you start your broadcast campaign
  • If your broadcast fails during run, upon restarting it will continue after the contact, last message has been sent to


  • Export your Skype contact list from Skype’s web interface
  • Setup your config.json file
  • Run SkyMass as Administrator


  • Unzip anywhere on your computer
  • Make sure config.json & contacts.csv files, exist within same directory where skymass.exe resides
  • If you want, set “testing”: “true” in config.json file

config.json Explained

	"username": "YOUR_SKYPE_USERNAME",
	"password": "YOUR_SKYPE_PASSWORD",
	"contact_csv_file": "contacts.csv",
	"refresh_report_file": false,
	"testing": true,
	"wait_for_skype_open": 290,
  1. Enter your Skype Username, make sure its enclosed with double quotes (“) without any space
  2. Enter your Skype Password, make sure its enclosed with double quotes (“) without any space
  3. contact_csv_file: Make sure your Exported contact (csv) file name match here
  4. message: Message you want to broadcast
  5. refresh_report_file: If you want to empty existing-contact-message file then set it as true. It will cause sending message again and again, in case of restarting SkyMass software. Its better to set it as false, this way you would not be spaming your contact with same message agian & again
  6. testing: If you want to first test the software, you should set it as true, this way it will run software but will never send message to your contacts
  7. wait_for_skype_open: If Skymass is unable to start Skype, check logs and increase this timer if required
  8. wait_for_login: If your skype hangs after login due to very huge contact list, increase it accordingly


  • This program search for Skype, make sure no other window on the computer is named Skype.
  • This program works with active Skype window, so you should run this program on a machine which can be dedicated for this purpose
  • During run do not try to use the computer, otherwise this software may break and might click controls other than Skype
  • Use this software on your own responsibility, we could never be held for any loss of data or software/hardware failures


version 1.1

  • Delays while opening Skype & after login is now configurable

version 1.0

  • Initial Release

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